Everything and Nothing.


My last post is dated 19/01/14. Precisely 10 months and 1 day ago.

This nook’s looking a bit dusty, no?

An unbelievable amount has changed in that time, to paraphrase Radiohead; ‘For a minute there I lost myself’.

Until today I hadn’t managed to finish reading one whole book, my attention span took a hit, as did every ounce of my self-worth.

CUE Ms. Dunham. Twenty-something writer, funny person and most importantly, woman.

Among many very personal topics, Lena writes with brutal honesty about her irrational fears, self-doubt, self-confidence, awkward sexual experiences and sudden fame. She has an undeniable freshness, a voice which can fairly represent a whole generation of millennials; those who have grown-up alongside the biggest digital advancements in decades. An age in which it feels almost impossible to be heard, with so many voices fighting for air-time, absolutely everyone has an opinion and absolutely everyone can (and does) share it. Millennials are expected to know nothing and everything simultaneously.

I won’t harp on about it (easing gently back into this…) just simply to say, if you are a woman in your twenties, or have ever been, then have a rifle through the pages of ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ – or if you are truly digital, a scan of it on an eyesight friendly e-ink device…

OH and if you still haven’t done so, sit your ass down in front of an episode of Girls and don’t move until an entire tub of ice-cream has been consumed and/or the DVD needs changing to Series 2.

Final word from Lena’s mum Carroll; ’There’s a certain grace to having your heart broken’.

I’ll run with that.


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