Puddle of Freak Mud


Unearthed in The Last Bookstore in downtown LA, The Idiot Girls Adventure Club enticed me with its ‘New York Times Bestseller’ badge of honour. But it was when in the first chapter, I read the details of the societally accepted method for disposing of used sanitary products, that I knew the book was worth $6 of anyone’s money.

I’d describe Laurie Notaro as a two-day dirty knickers version of Lena Dunham. So it would seem, Laurie initiated the tome of the loveable fuck-up an easy twelve years before Lena burst onto the scene.

“The life of a freak is filled with snags, bitter disappointments, and calamities, and no matter how hard I try, that’s where I consistently find myself, ass-down in a puddle of freak-mud.”

An unexpectedly annoying difference between the two however, was Laurie’s lack of direction. Perhaps this was born from a loyalty to Lena and her associated writing ambition, but by the fifth reference to the state of Laurie’s apartment, I was over her blasé approach to everything. (Not that I can claim to be Malala Yousafzai, or something) Overall though, I enjoyed reading of her clumsy way with life and revelled in the similarities with my own. Chapter 16 ‘Men are stupid and I rock!’ was SO REAL I couldn’t breathe.

Short chapters and flexible paperback made it perfect for the small amounts of time I had to myself on holiday. I would happily recommend and lend to girl friends.

N.B. HOLLA to The Last Bookstore – A hipster wonderland of second-hand delight. They made me leave my rucksack at the door and hold my things awkwardly, but I will let that go, because they had fairy-lights and cutie book trolleys.



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